White paper: Modern Risk Management in Global Pharmaceutical Logistics

By Nils Markmann; Stanley Soh; Ann Wong |

An overview of the risks inherent to global pharmaceutical logistics and the associated risk management. Get your white paper now.

Everything pharmaceutical manufacturers want to know about risk in supply chain logistics but are afraid to ask.

Managing the transportation of biopharma logistics is expected to reach nearly $100 billion by 2020. With numbers like this, it’s clear that manufacturers want to ensure a quality product upon delivery.

But what are the rising trends impacting security of product in transport? When and where does risk mitigation become mission critical? And — perhaps the most burdensome — how can I be sure?

For an overview of the current risks inherent to pharmaceutical supply chain logistics, why they matter and how manufacturers need to approach them in 2017 beyond – enter your details to read the white paper now.

About the Authors

Portrait of Nils Markmann

Nils Markmann

Vice President, Global Operations
World Courier
Nils is responsible for the daily management of the company’s global operation, for network-wide implementation and adherence to global standards and for ensuring consistent operational excellence throughout the company’s 140 offices. Formerly general manager (operations) for World Courier Germany, Nils has been with the company since 1995.
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A portrait of Stanley Soh.

Stanley Soh

Regional QA Manager Asia Pacific
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A portrait of Ann Wong.

Ann Wong

Regional Operations Director, Asia Pacific
World Courier
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