Video: Logistics Leaders - What Are the Key Considerations for Emergency Parts Logistics

By Jens Mattuschka

Video Transcript:

Let me bring us into the right context. EPL, which stands for Emergency Part Logistics has a couple of unique requirements and characteristics. It is a time critical business. It is a global manufacturing business. It, indeed, requires a 365/24 operational approach. It is very unpredictable and therefore we need a very specific high quality track and trace solution. The product has normally a very high value. Typically, it's a part for production line or an engine part. We are fulfilling manufacturing contingency plan. We have to be 100% sure of the clearance process and have all the information for success.

EPL relies on risk management approach. We have to test every process and communication chain. The global nature of the requirement needs a global network. I'll give you an example: Did you know you need an Angolan citizen for a handcarry to Angola? We bought a package and our associate together to fly from Scandinavia to Luanda. Ultimately, knowing that it’s there on time is worth its weight in gold. Trust is the essence. 

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