Videos: Logistic Leaders - Challenges and Opportunities When Implementing Direct-to-Patient Services

By Mike Sweeney

Direct-to-Patient services continue to experience significant growth as more organizations realize its benefits.

In those 5 short videos, Mike Sweeney, World Courier’s Patient Centric Logistics Director, explains the value of implementing DtP and the innovations you can expect to see going forward.

1 - Summarizing Direct-to-Patient Services from the Logistics Perspective

“Direct-to-Patient Logistics services center the supply chain around the patient’s home. We typically deliver drug to the patient and we pick up specimens and return those to the testing laboratory.”

2 - Why is There Such an Interest in Direct-to-Patient Models?

“We are experiencing true demand in both, activity and interest. It’s something where, often, our customers want to customize solutions…”

3 - In What Scenarios is Direct-to-Patient possible?

“I think the key for us is really to ensure that we take all of the logistics precautions that we normally would, when shipping temperature controlled drug.”

4 - Direct-to-Patient Services and key learnings

“We’ve learned a lot for sure. I think, over time, we’ll continue to learn more and more.”

5 - Innovations in Place or on the Horizon for Direct-to-Patient

“We’re excited about CubixxCT, which is an innovation that one of our sister companies, ASD Healthcare – now Cubixx Solutions, has put forth to the market in commercial drug space.”

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