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Webinar on demand - Three Steps to Reduce Clinical Trial Logistics Costs

By Paula Pulsoni, David Spillett

This webinar examines how true partnership among players in the clinical trial industry can bring efficiency in the supply chain and drive down logistics costs.

A practical approach based on real experiences, which showed examples of close collaboration and its results.
It serves as a platform for discussion that may spark new application ideas and inspire companies to continue building future healthcare in a collaborative manner.

What you will learn
- Latest research on clinical trial costs
- Which in the impact of these costs trends on the industry? Which is the impact on the future of healthcare?
- Supply Chain B2B "standard" model and how can the model be reset into a true partnership?
- Case Study: Applying the collaborative model and its results
- What are Organizations Doing Now? What are the Next Steps?

This webinar is followed by a Q&A session with the speakers.

In collaboration with


Ana Clara Monsalvo
Ana C. Monsalvo
Clinical Team Leader, Novo Nordisk
Portrait of Paula Pulsoni
Paula Pulsoni
Senior Director, Clinical Supply Solutions, World Courier
David Spillett
Global Account Director, World Courier

About The Authors

Paula Pulsoni

Vice President, Sales and Services
World Courier
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David Spillett

Global Account Director
World Courier
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