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Video: Logistics Leaders - How Smart Technology Can Lead to Advanced Quality

By Ruediger Lomb

Ruediger Lomb, Vice President, Global Quality and Technical Compliance, AmerisourceBergen Specialty Group, shares the benefits and considerations of developing smart technology.

Video Transcript:

Smart technology as you all know the smart phones are getting more sophisticated and same for the technology to monitor products while they're in transit. More and more is available here but the issue here is that it's not only developing such a smart device but it's also data integrity. Authorities look at this very carefully and seriously. So at least it needs a lot of investment into the technology, understanding the processes to ensure these products and these processes then really comply with what regulators expect. It is a regulated industry so it's not just like creating a new app and then going live with it. It's really a lot of thinking and developing upfront before you can really bring things like this to life.

The other thing that is more procedural wise as I mentioned early, being now part of the regulated industry will add another layer of complexity and another... Ja...more requirements of knowledge in the logistics company. Again I believe this is a great opportunity for companies like us to ensure that we really provide the service not only on paper but in reality to the clients everyday.


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Ruediger Lomb
Vice President, Enterprise Quality Assurance, International Operations
AmerisourceBergen Global Commercialization Services & Animal Health
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