Video: Logistic Leaders - One New Request Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are Asking for

By Mike Connolly

Manufacturer requests are changing in specialty logistics. Are you prepared to meet expectations?

How are manufacturer requests changing in specialty logistics?

Video Transcript:

The biggest change in manufacturer expectations — is that they’re looking for transparency in the vendors that they’re selecting, and they’re looking for support in regulatory compliance issues. Largely, whereas I think, years ago, perhaps, the transportation element of pharmaceutical materials was an afterthought — now, GDP regulations have brought that to the forefront. One of the new requests that we’re getting from manufacturers is different keeping temperatures.

Whereas, a lot of shipments used to be transported simply on dry ice at less than minus 20 degrees Celsius — now, different packaging requirements for 2 to 8 Celsius, plus 15 to plus 25, controlled-room temperature and even deep freeze. So, there’s new packaging solutions that are available to our clients to maintain the integrity of that product at that temperature range in transit.

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