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Maria's journey: How real-time location monitoring ensured timely medication delivery

By World Courier

Maria's journey
Maria's journey

Meet Maria, a resident of São Paulo, Brazil living with Fabry disease. This rare genetic disorder leads to severe complications and significantly impacts her quality of life. The medication that can manage her symptoms isn't readily available in Brazil and must be sourced internationally. Each day without it exacerbates her condition, making timely delivery crucial.

In our latest case study, we dive into how real-time location monitoring (RTLM) enhances the logistics operations for specialized medication shipments like Maria's. Learn how World Courier leverages RTLM technology to ensure shipments reach the right people, at the right place and time.

What can you expect from this case study?

  • Understand the importance of timely delivery in managing diseases Learn about 'compassionate use' status as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Discover how high-fidelity data prevents excursions across the pharmaceutical cold chain
  • See RTLM technology in action: enabling instant verification of a shipment's precise location and expediting resolution processes
  • Discover how innovative technology contributes to operational efficiencies and healthier futures for patients like Maria

This case study showcases just one example of World Courier’s commitment to driving data-based innovation, providing industry-leading service to our customers, and ensuring healthier futures for patients, worldwide.

Maria's journey