Webinar on-demand: Customizing Your Commercial Supply Chain Through Vendor Assessment

By Lloyd Henly

The Practical Aspects of Specialty Commercial Drug Logistics - Part II

The treatment of rare diseases is one of the main challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. The increasing diversity of products, low patient populations and an increasingly challenging regulatory environment create a complex situation for supply chains on a global scale. With the ever changing landscape of commercial specialty drug supply chains, a 'one-size-fits-all' approach is no longer applicable in many cases.

In the second part of our webinar series on The Practical Aspects of Specialty Commercial Drug Logistics, World Courier’s expert focused on the role of vendor selection in the specialty drug supply chain. He also provided an overview of key practices to ensure a chain of custody and adopt for a patient-centric supply chain of your commercial product though real-life examples.

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Lloyd Henly

Product Manager, Commercial Supply Chain WEMEA
World Courier
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