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Preserving cell and gene integrity in the supply chain

By Jennifer Fenwick

The development of cell and gene therapies is growing at an incredible pace. As the industry works to expand the production of these life-changing therapies, implementing processes for frozen and cryogenic storage and distribution is becoming necessary. It is also critical for the accompanying solutions, networks, and technological services to meet this growing demand. Watch our on-demand webinar with Jennifer Fenwick, Senior Manager, Personalized Supply Chain at World Courier. Jennifer will explore:

  • Pros and cons of fresh or frozen transportation of cells for donation and/or therapy
  • The impacts of cryopreservation on a cell/gene therapy product supply chain
  • Technology solutions to preserve the integrity of cryopreserved therapies
  • Critical factors when choosing cryogenic supply chain partners

Cold hard facts about cryogenic cell and gene therapy logistics

We surveyed decision-making executives and managers in supply chain operational roles in companies with CGTs in clinical trials or those with commercial products. The respondents answered various transportation and storage questions related to their companies cell and gene therapies in development; these included:
  • How do they see the landscape for cryogenic transportation and storage services changing over the coming years? What is the expected rate of change?
  • What are the key drivers of growth in cryogenic transportation for both clinical trials and commercialized products?
  • Which critical challenges concerning cryogenic transportation and storage are they currently facing?
  • What are the most critical factors they consider when selecting a cryogenic transportation and storage provider?

World Courier's solution to accelerate the phase change material (PCM) conditioning process

In November 2022, World Courier's Alex Vale, Director of Cold Chain Packaging, spoke with Freightwaves - Running On Ice about our innovative, patented solution for conditioning phase change material (PCM) packs.

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World Courier
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