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White paper: Direct-to-Patient - Navigating a post pandemic world

By World Courier

Five lessons to learn, and why DtP is here to stay

"57% of patients surveyed in May 2020 said they weren't likely to participate in a COVID-19 trial if they were required to visit a hospital."*

Under the current circumstances, if pharmaceutical companies are to maintain existing trials – or satisfactorily recruit for new trials – they must consider adopting decentralized models, delivering treatment Direct-to-Patient (DtP), gathering data from participants’ homes. 


Many trial sponsors took this step during the first wave of the pandemic. World Courier examines how DtP has developed and the lessons we have learnt as a result.


Download this whitepaper to learn more about:

  • Is Direct-to-Patient scalable?
  • Regulatory acceptance around the world
  • Patient experience vs sponsor experience
  • Refining processes for a decentralized future


* In May 2020, ZA Associates and Continuum Clinical partnered to conduct a global patient survey on the impact of COVID-19 on trial participation. Access the report here.