Webinar On-Demand : Patient-Centricity Series - Transforming Clinical Trials Through Direct-to-Patient Solutions

By Kelly Frend

In light of the rapid evolution of the situation in Europe and globally, due to the dynamic nature of the Covid-19 outbreak, the enablement of at home clinical trials and specialty delivery programs is now critical.

In May 2020, the World Courier team hosted a 4-part webinar series focused on patient-centricity and discussed how to tackle the most pressing challenges clinical trials are bound to face during and after the pandemic.
Each episode, our team of experts addressed a specific topic and answered the audience's questions.

This first session hosted by Mike Sweeney, Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics, and Kelly Frend, WEMEA Specialty Services Manager, explained 
World Courier's Direct-to-Patient approach through the pandemic.

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Specialty Services Manager
World Courier
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