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Elevating logistics support to meet demands of today’s pharma products

By Nick Porter, Simon Brinckmann

Nick Porter, President of World Courier and Simon Brinckmann, Senior Director of Business Excellence & Innovation, recently spoke to European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer about World Courier’s continued commitment to investing in innovation to forward the pharma logistics industry. 
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Advanced therapy medical products (ATMPs) demand a host of unique logistics considerations. As World Courier’s geographic footprint continues to grow and expand globally, greater investment has never been so important. The launch of real-time location monitoring heeds these challenges to ensure shipment whereabouts are always available and that potential deviations can be headed off to maintain product integrity. Real-time monitoring assures that shipments — and in particular highly-sensitive ATMPs — can be located with pinpoint accuracy wherever they are across the globe for greater peace of mind and enhanced patient outcomes. 

Key article insights:

  • Solutions that provide access to reliable, real-time data are a critical part of an effective logistics operation.
  • The need for more liquid nitrogen charging centers and stations to support the increase in use of dry shippers, a critical part of cryogenic supply chain. Explore World Courier's ATMP charging stations and capabilities.
  • By 2026, the UK, Switzerland and Germany will experience a more than 20% increase in cryogenic transportation and storage needs related to in-country clinical trials.
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