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Video: Our Hemophilia Rescue Story

By World Courier


Animation transcript:

A child needs to take their life-saving hemophilia medication at a very specific time – but what if it's not available because it was stolen?

Once there was a very sick child. He was born with a rare blood disease called haemophilia, which prevented his blood from clotting, putting the child at risk for internal and external bleeding episodes that may result in joint damage, debilitation or death.

Hope came in the form of a clinical trial which would require the child to take the medication at very specific times. World Courier delivered the expensive trial medication to a children’s hospital for haematological diseases located in Sofia, Bulgaria.

A few hours after the delivery, a horrible act occurred; someone stole the cooler with medications from inside his parents’ car. World Courier associates in Germany immediately went into action, requesting a new shipment of the medication be sent urgently. Carefully packaged in a Global Thermal Container (GTC) at +2C - +8 Celsius  the medication had to be rushed on two flights connecting through Vienna Austrian from Frankfurt, Germany to Sofia, Bulgaria.

It arrived at the children’s hospital, just in time for the sick child to receive treatment. Everyone rejoiced, especially the World Courier dispatcher who delivered it.

“In this moment I was so proud to be the person who contributed to such happiness.”

It's the World Courier way.