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Video: Logistic Leaders - Expectations in APAC

By George Low

How are manufacturer expectations of specialty logistics companies changing in Asia-Pac? George Low, Director of Southeast Asia for World Courier, explains.
Video Transcript:
The expectations have changed in APAC for manufacturers; it has been pretty drastic. Namely, if I could pick an example on the temperature-controlled shipments, a lot of investigational tracks are shipped around APAC in plus-2 to plus-8 degrees centigrade. This in itself poses a challenge to maintain no deviation of temperature for these particular shipments.

Mainly it is due to the environmental conditions in APAC. For example, you could have a high of 40 degrees centigrade in India, as opposed to a negative 10 in China. So this poses tremendous a challenge in terms of maintaining and not having excursions when the shipments travel from India to China.

Again I think World Courier does have expertise in this area to maintain and control temperature of shipments in transportation.

Technology will have a part to play — apart from that, I think local knowledge in country customs. Knowledge as well as know-how are critical. And a consistent service provided — for example relying on global SOPs in terms on what you need to do – is pivotal. 

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George Low
Director of South East Asia
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