Video: When Only a Miracle Can Happen

By World Courier

Sometimes, only a miracle can help

Last December, a new born baby in Toronto was diagnosed with a rare disease. Just before Christmas, the baby needed vital medicine that was not yet approved in Canada. With a life on the line, the baby’s hospital reached out to the medicine’s manufacturer, who contacted World Courier’s sister company ICS.

Together, ICS and World Courier sprang into action.  After receiving approval from Health Canada, ICS readied the medicine for shipment. But alas, the baby couldn’t wait for medicine to go through standard channels, and the flights were all booked up with people going home for the holiday. And more importantly, it would arrive too late to clear formal customs at the airport. There had to be another way to move the medicine across 1,000 kilometres… clear Canadian customs… and still make it to the hospital to help the baby.

On this Christmas Eve, road was the only option, so they designed an ingenious set of routes, using multiple drivers, to drive the medicine from Louisville, Kentucky, to the children’s hospital in Toronto. The first driver left Louisville at 7:30 on Christmas Eve.  Passing the package to another driver at Indianapolis, Indiana, then Ft. Wayne, Indiana, and then again at the Canadian border, where round the clock customs officers cleared it for entry into Canada. The driver of the last leg arrived at the hospital at 8:35 Christmas morning.  Just in time for the hospital to administer the critical dose of medicine to the sick child.

Another proud example of the spirit of the season from the employees of World Courier and ICS. It’s what being a patient centered healthcare solutions company really means.

Seasons greetings and happy holidays from your friends at World Courier.