COVID-19: Operational Updates

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Please review our FAQs for an overview of World Courier's approach, the current status of our depots, and see the latest operational updates below.

COVID-19 Operational Updates

13th July - 10:24 AM CET - Ireland

Ireland's country status has returned to normal due to reduced government restrictions.

10th July - 9:25 AM CET - Global

Romania and Hungary's import and export operations have returned to normal.

9th July - 15:23 PM CET - Mexico

Mexico's country status has changed to diminished support given a reduction of services due to social isolation and quarantine measures.

8th July - 10:35 AM CET - Australia

Australia's country status has moved to managed disruption due to services being affected by government lockdown measures. 

7th July 11:55 AM CET - Global

Imports and exports in Moldova are now operating smoothly, returning to normal operational status. 

6th July - 10:10 AM CET - Global

The status of both Australia and Slovenia has risen to heightened awareness, due to an increased amount of government vigilance and planning to help shipping operations run safely.

2nd July  - 1:50 PM CET - Global

In Cyprus and Ukraine, international airfreights for passengers are now possible. 

1st July - 1:30 PM CET - Global

Estonia and Latvia's exports are no longer being delayed as significantly and procedures are beginning to return to normal.

29th June - 9:00 AM CET -Greenland

Export operations in Greenland have returned to normal. 

26th June - 2:04 PM CET - Indonesia

Indonesia's status for shipments has moved to heightened awareness, leading to increased vigilance and planning in operations.

25th June - 10:49 AM CET - Global

International airfreights for passengers are now possible in Netherlands, Belgium, Angola, and Puerto Rico.

24th June 11:11 AM CET - Global

Domestic shipments, imports, and exports in Cyprus, Greece, Malta, and Indonesia have returned to normal.

23rd June - 12:02 PM CET - Global

Shipping restrictions have now been lifted in: Greece, Germany, Romania, Cyprus, Spain and Malta. 

22nd June - 10:06 AM CET - Slovakia

After delays and restrictions, previously impacted exports in the country have returned to normal.

19th June - 10:35 AM CET - Global

Previously delayed and impacted international airfreights in Romania, Hungary, and Slovakia are now operating normally.


Due to a spike in cases in Mexico, the country has introduced an increased amount of vigilance and planning to its shipping operations.

18th June - 12:10 PM CET - Global 

Borders have been opened for visitors to Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland without a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival. Gradually, airlines are adding international flights back to traffic, although domestic flights are still limited.

17th June - 14:29 PM CET - Global

This week, a record number of country's shipping operations have returned to normal. Restrictions have now been lifted in: Australia, South Korea, Uruguay, Slovenia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia, Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland.

12th June - 11:19 AM CET - Global


In China, the Dragon Boat Festival will take place from the 25th June to the 27th June. Customs as well as all companies will be closed during this period. 

11th June - 9:00 AM CET - Global


Shipping operations in the country are no longer impacted and have returned to normal.


Domestic shipments in the country are no longer impacted and have returned to normal.

28th May - 10:40 AM CET - Romania

Flights to some domestic and European destinations from the country will resume in the coming days and accept cargo shipments.

26th May - 9:25 AM CET - Global


The USA will stop non-Americans who have been to Brazil in the past 14 days from entering the country. This will take effect as of 11:59PM ET on Thursday, May 28, 2020.


Multiple airlines have suspended/reduced flight connections to several countries. Please note that most of these suspended/reduced flight connections apply to passenger flights, so cargo flights are very likely to be operating.

Please see below for the list of countries that have had their connections affected.

- Algeria
- Argentina
- Aruba
- Austria
- Bangladesh
- Belgium
- Bolivia
- Brazil
- Brunei Darussalam 
- Bulgaria
- Burundi
- Cameroon
- Canada
- Chile
- China
- Colombia
- Costa Rica
- Croatia
- Cyprus
- Czech Republic
- Ecuador
- Egypt
- El Salvador
- Estonia
- Ethiopia
- Finland
- Georgia
- Greece
- Guatemala
- Haiti
- Hong Kong
- Hungary
- India
- Indonesia
- Ireland
- Israel
- Italy
- Japan
- Jordan
- Kuwait
- Laos
- Latvia
- Lebanon
- Macedonia
- Madagascar
- Malaysia
- Maldives
- Mali
- Mauritius
- Mexico
- Moldova
- Mongolia
- Mozambique
- Myanmar
- Nepal
- Norway
- Oman
- Pakistan
- Palau
- Panama
- Peru
- Philippines
- Poland
- Romania
- Russia
- Rwanda
- Saudi Arabia
- Senegal 
- Serbia
- Sierra Leone
- Singapore
- Slovenia
- South Africa
- South Korea
- Spain
- Taiwan
- Tanzania
- Thailand
- Tunisia
- Turkey
- Uganda
- Ukraine
- United Arab Emirates
- United Kingdom
- Uruguay
- USA and European Schengen countries + UK and Ireland 
- Zambia
- Zimbabwe

19 May - 10:30 AM CET - Brazil

Restrictions put in place to curb vehicle usage have now been lifted. 

05 May - 12:20 PM CET - Brazil

The Sao Paulo city Government has implemented restrictions to certain locations between 07:00 AM to 09:00 AM to avoid congregation. This will not directly affect our capabilities in the city as we are classed as an essential service provider, but it could impact availability for sites/customers.

28th April - 11 AM CET - Global


Please note most companies are closed in the country. Nevertheless, imports and deliveries are still possible in the country,


Transmissions to German Customs are currently not possible due to network issues. This is causing heavy delays in clearance, both for imports and exports.

20th April - 11 AM CET - China

Labour Day in the country will be celebrated between the 1st and 5th May. Government Departments, including Customs as well as all companies will be closed for five days - resulting in in longer transit times for shipments. 

17th April - 10 AM CET - Japan

The state of emergency has been extended to the whole country but our operations/capabilities remain the same.

15th April - 10 AM CET - Italy

Domestic flights in Italy have been further reduced and this is resulting in longer transit times.

14th April - 10 AM - CET - India

The Prime Minister of the country has announced the lockdown will be extended until 03 May.

13th April - 5:15 PM CET - Reunion Island

Until further notice, only products related to COVID-19 are permitted for import. Authorities must be contacted 72 hours beforehand and approval is granted on a case-by-case basis.

9th April - 5:05 PM CET - Global


Expect delays in pickup, delivery, import, export, customs clearance due to measures implemented by authorities.


Although no lockdown measures have been announced by authorities, please still expect delays in pickup and delivery, customs clearance.


Expect delays in customs clearance, cargo loading/unloading and shipment booking (reduced number of flights) due to new measures implemented by authorities.

8th April - 3:32 PM CET - Global


Authorities have cancelled all passenger flights from the 9-13 April.


Authorities have declared a state of emergency in the following prefectures: Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka. Please expect delays in pickups/deliveries.

6th April - 5:45 PM CET - Israel

Driving activity in Israel is restricted from 7-10 April (subject to extension) as an additional measure by authorities.

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