Live-Webinar: How to Calculate the True Cost of Failure

By Ruediger Lomb; Alex Guite |


Duration: 60 mins

Webinar: How to Calculate the True Cost of Failure in your Biopharma Supply Chain


  • Alex Guite, PhD, Vice President, Services and Alliances
  • Ruediger Lomb, PhD, Vice President, Global Quality and Compliance 

The huge sums involved in researching and developing treatments mean that logistics incidents can have significant financial implications. In fact, it’s estimated that delays for niche products could cost up to $600,000 per day, with blockbuster drugs losing as much as $8 million per day.

The increasing pressure to remove cost from the supply chain, coupled with the importance of reliable delivery for treatments, creates a difficult balancing act when choosing a supplier. While a courier with a 90% non-excursion rate presents noticeable limitations, the difference between couriers operating at 99% and 99.9% appears less clear cut. 

What is clear is that a small shift in percentage points for excursion rates delivers big changes in expected performance. This difference becomes more evident as the number of shipments increase.

In this webinar, World Courier shares insights on the high-stakes nature of this market and the consequences of accepting anything less than a non-excursion rate of 99.9%

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Portrait of Ruediger Lomb

Ruediger Lomb

Vice President, Global Quality and Compliance
AmerisourceBergen Global Commercialization Services & Animal Health
As the Vice President, Global Quality and Compliance for World Courier, as well as for Integrated Commercialization Solutions (ICS), Dr. Ruediger Lomb oversees the quality program for both entities, ensuring facility and process compliance with all current and future GxP standards such as relevant FDA guidelines, the most recent EU Good Distribution Practices Guidelines and other relevant quality standards. Dr. Lomb is a licensed pharmacist and holds a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical biochemistry.
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Portrait of Alex Guite.

Alex Guite

Vice President, Services and Alliances
World Courier
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