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Whitepaper: Decentralized Clinical Trials and Data Protection

By World Courier

Delivering Direct-to-Patient Treatment Safely During COVID-19 and Beyond

Biopharma companies have been under considerable pressure to sustain some sort of ‘business as usual’ in the current pandemic — especially given the impact disruptions could have on patients’ lives. For continuity in decentralized clinical trials, strong, well-communicated safeguards that give sponsors confidence in data protection are required.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn: 

  • The five steps for data protection in decentralized clinical trials
  • The potential for continued use of direct-to-patient delivery for clinical trials as the pandemic continues, and beyond
  • How new models of decentralization are impacting the ways drugs and treatments are administered

Access the whitepaper now to better adapt to a changed landscape, and learn to better protect trials and patients during decentralization.