Article: World Courier Pilot Green Initiative with Switch to Electric Vehicles

By World Courier

For the first time, World Courier will switch from diesel to electric vehicles as part of the launch of the Zero Emission Electric (ZEEV) program, piloting in Frankfurt, Germany, which began in June, 2019.
World Courier acquired its first IVECO daily electric vehicle which emits zero-emissions. This new initiative is expected to save approximately 29000 kg CO2 emissions annually. The vehicle will be charged with green energy only, as the World Courier Frankfurt office is a 100% green energy office.
The conversion to electric as part of ZEEV will see World Courier’s current diesel engine fleet replaced by the more energy-efficient electric vehicles across one of the busiest transport routes - the airport transfer route between World Courier’s Rüsselsheim office and Frankfurt airport. The airport transfer route covers six trips daily with a total distance of 210km (130.5 miles).

world courier electric vehicle

The IVECO vehicle has been specially designed for transports of larger airfreight container loads to gain maximum efficiency. The zero-emission vehicle will operate six days a week and for more than 12 hours per day. It will be recharged overnight and during the loading process at the World Courier transport warehouse loading station. 

The initiative forms part of World Courier’s wider efforts, in line with ISO14001 – the international standard for Environmental Management Systems - to lower our carbon footprint and increase sustainability. 
“World Courier’s investment and dedication to this pilot scheme reflects our overall commitment in testing and implementing the latest technology and optimizing our services for a healthier future. ” World Courier Regional Vice President, Nordic, Central & Eastern Europe, Jens Mattuschka said. 
In addition to the ZEEV program, World Courier has been focusing on other energy efficient projects, this includes: 

  • oil and gas consumption in offices
  • energy-efficient lighting
  • lower impact refrigerants in HVAC systems
  • developing more cost-effective lighter-packaging solutions

During the pilot, World Courier will test and fine-tune the program before expanding it to other international destinations.