Article: Is Direct-to-Patient a Good Fit for Your Organization?

By Mike Sweeney |

The Direct-to-Patient (DtP) integrated supply chain makes treatment in patient homes possible – both for clinical trial and commercial applications. This includes the dispensing, transport and potentially storage of therapeutic products in-home, as well as patient sample collection and unused drug/supply return.

DtP is a collaborative approach to the delivery of care that can bring great benefit to patients, sponsors, CROs and manufacturers alike. Having said that, not all studies or commercial therapies are a good fit for this model.

This checklist will help you determine whether the DtP approach is worth exploring further. If some of the following factors apply, it could be worth considering.

when direct to patient is worth exploring

The DtP model is appropriate in most therapeutic areas – from from cardiovascular, respiratory, rare diseases, oncology and infectious diseases to dermatology, immunology, nephrology and unscheduled treatments.

If DtP could be the right fit for your clinical trial or approved drug treatment program, find out more about the value you could create with this approach. Download our DtP e-book now.

Direct-to-Patient services e-book

Download our DtP e-book to gain in-depth insights about its benefits

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