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Webinar on-demand: Changing Clinical Trials Logistics and the Tactics to Overcome Them

By Lina Sánchez

As clinical trials have evolved in design and complexity, one of the main challenges now is to ensure the best development of them, while maintaining costs. As logistics is one key portion of the costs, the tactics chosen to face these issues have a great impact on the development of the trials.

This webinar will explore some of the tactics to overcome logistics issues such as: 

- Flawless temperature control: becoming more and more relevant to the increase in the research of biologicals. 
- Having the supplies where needed: addressed by comparator and ancillaries sourcing. 
 Customized solutions: for storage and operations. 
- Patient-centric approach; how to bring the trial to the patient. 
- Regulatory Updates: How to respond to constant evolution and changes to the regulatory environments ruling clinical trials logistics. 
- Explore the challenges: Are we ready for new technology applicability in clinical trials logistics? 

Learning Outcomes:
- Recognize the impact on quality of the different challenges for the logistics in clinical trials. 
- Identify the different tactics to address logistics challenges in clinical trials like regulatory updates, temperature control of the supply chain and ad-hoc solutions. 
- Look into future challenges for the inclusion of technology in the clinical trials supply chain.



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Lina Sánchez

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