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Video - What is the true cost of quality?

By World Courier

Measuring certainty and mitigating risk in the clinical supply chain

Many changes have transformed the pharmaceutical industry over the last decade. Even more over the last year.
The focus on highly profitable blockbuster drugs has always been strong but we're now seeing additional emphasis on more niche products such as cell and gene therapy and orphan drugs.

Patient-centricity has also become a key differentiator with treatments being engineered on an individual basis and delivered to patients home to minimize the need for travel and maximize recruitment and retention.
This represents new unique logistics challenges as many treatments are time- and temperature-sensitive.

As absolute precision is non-negotiable and with the supply chains and pharma R&D budgets under such a huge pressure, being able to measure certainty when selecting a logistics partner has become a requirement.
But how can you measure certainty and mitigate risk in the clinical supply chain? And what is the true cost of quality?

Watch this video to learn:

  • How do we know a shipment has been compromised?
  • How do different excursion rates affect performance?
  • How much do excursions really cost?
  • How to mitigate risk and maximize success?

At World Courier, we take our responsibilities to you and your patients very seriously.  We have rigorous risk mitigation strategies in place so that every consignment arrives in the condition it should.

Watch the recording from our session at Clinical Trial Supply Europe 2021

Our speaker

Natalie Kirk square
Natalie Kirk
Business Development Manager, UK