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Video: Logistic Leaders - Rapid Growth and Clinical Trials - All Eyes on Australia

By Amerisourcebergen

How Is World Courier Adapting to the Rapid Growth of Global Healthcare?


What role does Australia play in the growth of global healthcare, and how is the market continuing to change?

Australia plays an important role in Asia for the clinical trials. We are the one western region, and that's Australia and New Zealand. Australia, in particular, works well in partnership as well as mutual agreements with New Zealand, so it's very important for the Southern Hemisphere or this third of the world. We can also service the rest of Asia through our easy customs' requirements, to be able to import and export pharmaceuticals to Asia.

The Australian healthcare market has been growing rapidly in the first five years or so, and particularly in the clinical trials area. It's an easy area to operate, to get studies up and running, through the TGA's processes. World Courier has changed and adapted to that growth by expanding with the clinical trials facility that we've grown, and that's now at capacity. Now we're going beyond that. We're expanding our clinical trial facility, and also moving into the area of commercial product as well. Particularly in the area of specialty drugs that are high-value, high-cost, and expensive to produce with strict temperature requirements. We're growing in those areas to be able to cater for those specialty drugs. It's where our focus is at the moment.