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Video: Logistics Leaders - What makes shippers choose World Courier

By World Courier

What makes shippers choose World Courier?
Video Transcript:

John Monetti: There's a series of questions around that. For instance, I need to ship this. Okay. Well, what is this? What's the value of it? What's the temperature control requirements? What route are we talking about?

Karen Nolde: I think you need to define what criteria your shipment needs. I mean, does it need speed? Is it valuable? Does it need temperature control? Those will be the three criteria which would indicate that a specialty courier is indeed needed.

James Marcino: They're under a great deal of scrutiny by regulatory authorities, so I think they should put serious considerations towards their transport provider on what type of quality programme do they have in place.

Karen Nolde: If you drill down on that specialty courier, then you need to go back to the boots on the ground in each country so that speed, that value, that temperature can be controlled and monitored and handled correctly.

John Monetti: You want someone who has global presence, who has a knowledge of regulatory compliance. You want somebody who's GxP compliant but not just somebody who says it. You need to go kick the tyres. You need to look at it. You need to have them prove to you. You say you're GxP compliant. Now, show me how you are GxP compliant. Send in the auditors and make them prove themselves to you.

James Marcino:The culture of the company is critical. We have a passion for logistics and for getting the job done right. We carry ourselves with a sense of urgency. It's the way we come to work everyday.