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Webinar on-demand: Is the future of auditing hybrid?

By World Courier

Looking ahead to a post-pandemic hybrid model for audits

Building on the lessons learned from the pandemic, creative solutions have been established to ensure we maintain a robust approach to auditing. Virtual audits, which consist in conducting audits remotely, using electronic technology such as video conferencing, email and telephone to implement an objective and adequate evaluation, have started being included in Q&As from regulators and accreditation bodies to ensure business continuity.

But are remote audits here to stay?
They are, in many cases, a good replacement for on-site audits. But there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to auditing as organizations can be very different. How can we combine both methods and optimize the audit process?

Watch our webinar to learn about the hybrid and agile future of auditing.


Wanda Scherner square
Wanda Scherner
Director, Operational Quality
Sharon Schnieder
Sharon Schnieder
Regional Quality Manager EMEA

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