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Fraud Alert Notice


Please be aware of the unauthorized use of the World Courier service mark, company name and addresses, employee names and logos (collectively, “World Courier Intellectual Property”).

Fraudulent parties have attempted to defraud individuals and the public at large through the unauthorized use of World Courier Intellectual Property on web sites falsely identifying such companies to be World Courier or to have an affiliation or relationship with World Courier. Such web sites seek to extract money or confidential information from unsuspecting parties by attempting to appear legitimate. By way of example and not limitation, these fraudulent web sites claim to sell goods; dispense lottery winnings, sweepstakes awards or promotional distributions of money; serve as the shipper of consumer goods; or serve as the escrow or paying agent of money. Some fraudulent web sites go as far as to purport to provide shipment tracking information.

If you receive any communication purportedly from World Courier or identifying a web site as being affiliated or related to World Courier, particularly where you are asked for the payment of money or the web site is simply “too-good-to-be-true”; or if there is any doubt as to the authenticity of a web site or any communication from or about World Courier, please report it to World Courier via e-mail to World Courier Security.

This alert does not affect the obligation of any shipper or consignee to pay shipping, customs, VAT or similar charges where these are properly payable at the time of delivery.

Thank you.

World Courier Security