Article: A Win for LATAM Pharma Distribution

By World Courier

World Courier and MVD Free Airport, the first and only multi-modal airport free zone in Latin America, have formed a partnership that will significantly enhance pharmaceutical distribution throughout Latin America. After an exhaustive diligence process, MVD Free Airport was identified by World Courier as a key partner to provide a traceable, specialized and cost-efficient entry point for Latin American distribution, a solution that is up to par with World Courier’s global quality standards.

This partnership presents an innovative distribution design to serve South America’s largest markets. Marcos Lacués, Branch Manager of World Courier Uruguay explains more:
How did the partnership come about?

Marcos Lacués: World Courier has long identified the necessity to enhance and improve the distribution of pharmaceutical products in emerging markets, and has been undergoing an arduous due diligence to ensure our key partners in every region are up to global World Courier standards. We’ve been familiarized with MVD Free Airport, its organizational culture, as well as its specific pharma experience, and together understood that our capabilities complemented each other perfectly. After the construction of the Pharma Hub facilities, it became clear that the benefits presented to Uruguay and the LATAM region via a mutual collaboration would have a huge impact on our customers and the pharma sector in general.

Why is this partnership important for customers?

ML: With the globalization of the supply chain and the identification of the main commercial opportunities primarily in emerging markets, pharma organizations are facing key challenges that need to be addressed. This includes optimizing long-hauls, centralizing distribution for leaner stock management, and standardizing last-mile delivery taking into account regional and local contexts. With the MVD Free Airport regime and the Pharma Hub Facilities, these customers can have access to optimal in-transit storage conditions in a tax-free regime that allows for the performance of packaging and late-customization activities. This, combined with a World Courier’s global know-how and expertise provides pharma organizations with a one-stop solution to regional distribution. This is especially the case for time- and temperature-sensitive materials and high-value products, which is where the partnership between MVD Free Airport and World Courier becomes a vital necessity for customers.

What are the benefits for customers?

ML: By centralizing stocks and postponing customization activities, pharma organizations are able to reduce stock-outs, enable just-in-time replenishments,  minimize excess inventory at final destinations, and significantly reduce supply lead times. All of this while ensuring their inbound/outbound logistics, storage and handling will be up to par with the most demanding pharma service level standards.

World Courier and MVD Free Airport have symbolized this collaborative spirit with the implementation of the first Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) designed for specific material handling, storage and shipment dispatching for Brazil-bound specialty products, ensuring that every task is performed ‘The World Courier Way’.

To find out how you can benefit from this partnership please contact your local business development team.