Webinar on demand - Transforming Clinical Trials Through Patient Engagement

By Mike Sweeney, Alex Guite

This webinar examines how patient engagement can drive recruitment, retention and overall patient satisfaction within clinical trials. Drawing from experiences of organizations involved in differing aspects of patient centricity, the session demonstrates how companies are working collaboratively to provide a variety of services that are essential to patients.

Though progress is being made, there is much more to do. Gaining a deeper understanding of what matters most to patients is crucial. Focused efforts to support those needs adds tremendous value for patients as well as clinical study stakeholders.

What you will learn
- Patient Feedback on Clinical Trial Participation
- What do Patients Want and how can we Support Them?
- Value of Investing in Patient Engagement
- What is Direct-to-Patient (DtP) Logistics?
- DtP Case Study: Collaborative Project Setup
- What are Organizations Doing Now? What are the Next Steps?

In collaboration with


Jasmine Benger
Senior Project Manager, Research Services, CISCRP
Portrait of Alex Guite. Alex Guite
Vice President, Strategy and Services, World Courier
Mike Sweeney
Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics, World Courier

About The Authors

Mike Sweeney

Senior Director, Patient Centric Logistics from Jul' 15 to Jul' 21
World Courier
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Alex Guite

Senior Vice President, Strategy and Operations
World Courier
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