Whitepaper: The Disruption of the Audit Process during COVID-19

By Jens Mattuschka; Sharon Schnieder |

Post-Pandemic: Why Remote Audits are Here to Stay

In response to the impact of COVID-19, organizations across all industries are re-thinking processes and establishing creative solutions. For biopharma companies, a core focus is on maintaining continuity of medical supply while minimizing the disruption to manufacturing and services.

In this whitepaper, you'll learn the following:

- The Pros and Cons of Remote Audits
- How to Plan a Remote Audit
- What to Consider During and After a Remote Audit

Remote Audits

Access the whitepaper now to better identify the challenges in the audit process during COVID-19 in relation to your organization.

About the Authors

Portrait of Jens Mattuschka

Jens Mattuschka

Regional Vice President, Nordics, Central and Eastern Europe
World Courier
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Sharon Schnieder

Regional Quality Manager EMEA
World Courier
Sharon is Regional Quality Manager EMEA at World Courier. Prior to joining World Courier, Sharon had more than 10 years experience in civil aviation. He was interested in combining the operational knowledge he gained, with quality assurance in the transportation business. Currently, Sharon is based in Berlin, Germany, and together with his colleague from France, he is responsible for the Quality Management in more than 30 countries across Europe and beyond.
In 2018, he has been certified by the ASQ (American Society for Quality) as CQIA (certified Quality internal auditor) and gained experience in client as well as internal audits globally.
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