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Video: Logistics Leaders - How the biopharma industry impacts materials stored in depots

By Paula Pulsoni

Find out the benefits of our storage facilities


Paula Pulsoni, Director, Global Operations - CSS discusses the benefits of our storage facilities

Video Transcript:

At the beginning our facilities were clearly designed to store IMP. The strict control to temperature and the complexity to manage serialised product was the key factor but today we store much more than that. We store medical devices, clinical trial-related materials, and even documentation connected with the trial. In some locations we store APIs and also commercial medication which can be related to a trial or can be purely commercial activity like the 3PL warehouse we have in Australia. The benefit for the client is that they get to work with a single provider at all stages. We want to be there at inception and work all the way through until the commercialization of the drug.

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Paula Pulsoni
Vice President, Sales and Services
World Courier
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