Webinar on-demand: Optimizing Temperature Control for Biopharm

By Andreas Kjallander; Volker Kirchner |

More manufacturers need to ship more – and more valuable – medical material over longer distances, and under more stringent temperature requirements, than ever before. That’s the new reality of the industry today.

Targeted therapies, clinical trials, biologics, personalized medicines and many approved drugs all require more precise and secure temperature control in the supply chain. At the same time, the need to source and serve patients in countries further from the point of manufacture is increasing rapidly . The value of the products and samples being shipped is greater, and is counted not only in currency, but in patients’ lives.

In this webinar we hear from two of World Courier’s most experienced associates as they discuss how the supply chain and temperature control options have evolved,  and how manufacturers can really get distribution right.  

About the Authors

A portrait of Andreas Kjillander.

Andreas Kjallander

Head of Temperature Control Management
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A portrait of Volker Kirchner.

Volker Kirchner

Director, Temperature Control Solutions
World Courier
Volker Kirchner is Director of Temperature Control Solutions for World Courier, where he is responsible for all matters pertaining to temperature control solutions, packaging, qualification and packaging distribution and return logistics for World Courier's more than 140 offices in 50+ countries worldwide. He brings deep expertise in temperature-controlled transport, logistics and packaging. Since 2001, Volker has served in a number of roles with increasing strategic responsibility at World Courier, including operations management, CSC and service development.
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