Webinar on-demand: Lessons for the Commercial Supply Chain Taken From the Clinical Trials Model

By Christopher Engel |

Today's commercial drug supply chain has key-drivers that require a re-design of the current logistics model. From specialty to orphan drugs the market is expecting exponential growth compared to traditional drugs, which in turn presents shipping challenges. Varying patient and logistics requirements, international pharmaceutical regulation compliance and the increasing number of approved biologic and high value, low volume products all combine to ensure that the efficient and safe distribution of medication to patients can be a complex task.

Due to this change of paradigm in the logistics of pharmaceutical throughout the last years there is no more one-size-fits all approach but a rising need to switch to more tailor-made logistics solutions.

This webinar addresses how to deliver best practices and learning from a specialty courier point of view, providing participants with insights on the logistics of multi-centric clinical trials around the globe. Christopher Engel also discusses how this knowledge can be transferred and applied to the logistics of commercialized specialty drugs with complex shipping requirements.

About the Author

A portrait of Christopher Engel.

Christopher Engel

Product Manager - Commercial Supply Chain NCEE
World Courier

Chris Engel has a strong background in logistics and has intercultural working experiences in China and Switzerland.

Since 2008 Chris held several sales responsibilities and roles in logistics, has been handling major worldwide accounts at TNT Express and FedEx, and also has experience in managing global pharmaceutical clients at World Courier as a Global Account Manager.

During his time in World Courier since 2014, Chris worked on and has lead numerous projects for high value specialty drugs and shipments of exceptional sensitivity, low tolerance to temperature deviations and challenging time requirements. He has been using his expertise to manage and design complex supply chains for both worldwide clinical trials and commercial drugs.

As a Product Manager for Commercial Supply Chain being responsible for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe in World Courier, Chris is helping clients with the transition from clinical to commercial drug logistics, including product launch, drugs with volatile demand and all volumes from single dosages to bulk shipments.

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