Whitepaper: Protecting Your Supply Chain - Lessons Learned From COVID-19

By Christopher Engel; Lloyd Henly |

Insights Into the Future of Logistics

COVID-19 has caused significant disruption to pharmaceutical supply channels. The reliance on API manufacturers, largely from China and India, coupled with airfreight restrictions has created gaps in manufacturing and distribution chains. World Courier examines the state of the industry, the challenges as a result and identifies how to mitigate risk.

You'll learn and uncover: 

  • How a shift in API production and the changing airfreight dynamics will change the industry
  • The four key actions to reshape the pharmaceutical supply chain
  • Case studies that focus on the current and future planning flexibility required


Access the whitepaper to learn about how you can implement lessons learned from COVID-19 to your organization's supply chain planning.


lessons learned from covid-19

Actions to Protect Your Supply Chain

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A portrait of Christopher Engel.

Christopher Engel

Senior Manager, Global Commercial Supply Chain
World Courier
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Lloyd Henly

Product Manager, Commercial Supply Chain WEMEA
World Courier
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