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On-demand webinar: Dangerous goods classification of cell and gene therapies

By Andrea Zobel, Claudia Pierenz

In this webinar, experts Andrea Zobel, Senior Director, Personalized Supply Chain, and Claudia Pierenz, Regional Learning & Performance Specialist, give a high-level overview of the dangerous goods classification of cell and gene therapies (CGTs). It will cover in which circumstances they are applicable, what the ramifications are for shipping and transport, and the packaging solutions necessary to mitigate them.

The experts then examine how the dangerous goods classification UN3245 affects the CGT supply chain, including surcharges for airlines and logistics increasing in cost. Furthermore, it brings about additional import applications, import processes, and import restrictions that increase workload and risk of delays.

Attendees are invited to get involved through interactive polls that challenge their knowledge of the dangerous goods classification and pull into question whether shipments are being incorrectly classified as a dangerous good.

About The Authors

Andrea Zobel
Senior Director, Personalized Supply Chain
World Courier
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Claudia Pierenz
Regional Learning and Performance Specialist
World Courier
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