Video: Logistics Leaders - What You Need to Know to Choose a Specialty Logistics Provider

By John Monetti

All global shippers are not alike. Find out how to choose the one that's right for you

Three Things that Shippers Today Need to Know When Selecting a Specialty Logistics Provider

Video Transcript:

I recall in the 90's when we were presenting at conferences, and this is at a time when people were planning global clinical studies, and at the last minute they'd say, "We have to ship patient samples from Brazil to the US. How do we do that?” People assume that FedEx and DHL could do that in the way that they needed, and it was not correct. Back then, we used to start and end our presentations with, "Don't let transportation be an afterthought." What that meant was plan ahead. Engage your vendor and start planning. With specialty logistics providers and global clinical studies, in my opinion, you want someone who has global presence, who has a knowledge of regulatory compliance.

You want somebody who is GXP compliant. In fact, it's an absolute necessity now. Not just somebody who says it, you need to go kick the tires, you need to look at it. You need to have them prove to you, you say you're GXP compliant, now show me how you're GXP compliant. Send in the auditors and make them prove themselves to you. You want a global presence, you want regulatory compliance, and you want also a knowledge of what you're trying to accomplish. By that I mean you visiting facilities and talking to employees, you get a true sense of whether that company and their employees are invested in their mission, and their mission should be to help ensure that transportation or global logistics isn't the rate limiting factor in your project moving forward.

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