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Video: Logistics Leaders: Should Clinical Trials Embrace Procurement Teams?

By Fiona Wong

Fiona Wong, Director, Business Development - Asia Pacific, shares how procurement teams are changing the clinical trial landscape for the better.

Video Transcript

The growth of procurement is pretty recent in the pharma clinical trial world. Of course, in the pharma manufacturing world, that is pretty standard. I think in all manufacturing supply chain, procurement sourcing is part-and-parcel of the entire structure, but in clinical trial, that is really something very new to them. We saw a little, in fact, a drift, opposing force within the pharma industries, but they have to embrace it because I think this is a direction after the major revamped. Procurement comes into picture to basically manage our vendors for better negotiation power.

The panel of decision making is still not single unit. It's not just procurement that calls the shot. It's still a collective decision making which includes, of course, the QA into the picture. Quality user, QA user, as well as procurement now forms three important party, so the complexity of how it changes the way sales operates and the way we handle our business relationship with client actually changes a lot. We have to basically diversify.