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Video: Logistics Leaders - How has the clinical trial landscape changed in Latin America?

By Jaqueline Escotero, Martin Fernandez

Video Transcript:

Jaqueline Escotero: I do believe that Latin America has a lot of potential, because if you compare from last years, I see a lot of new clinical trials coming. Even based on my own experience to this region than there used to be before. A lot of times, like a few years ago, a lot of the clinical trials were going mainly to U.S, Europe, some places in Asia. Over the years, not just from pharmaceutical but also biotech med scenes, also vaccines, they're mostly coming a lot to Latin America. Which the industry sometimes calls the developing or underdeveloped world.

Martin Fernandez: The mindset in Latin America is changing. People are getting more professional, we're handling shipments for the healthcare industry. This is causing more competition, which at the end of the day is good, because it gives you opportunity to differentiate and also forces you to innovate and improve everyday on what has to be done to handle all the shipments.

About The Authors

Jaqueline Escotero

Vice President, Global Inclusion
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Martin Fernandez

Regional Operations Director, Latin America
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