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Meet Hans-Peter, aviation enthusiast steering the course of critical medicine shipments.

By World Courier

Hans-Peter is not your typical logistics manager. He is responsible for ensuring that critical medicines — such as cell and gene therapies (CGTs) — are delivered without error. These highly complex therapies need extra care due to their unique time and temperature logistical needs, and Hans-Peter plots the correct course for these precious shipments every day.

Hans-Peter found his calling through his love of aviation. Before joining World Courier, he channeled this passion into a successful and fulfilling career managing global logistics for a major pharmaceutical company.

“Aviation is more than a fascination, it's like a symphony in the sky to me. It combines precision, timing, and a dash of magic.”

This work is deeply personal for Hans-Peter. Experiences within his family have shown him just how crucial these deliveries can be. Despite the emotional stakes involved, he understands that maintaining a level head is critical in this high-pressure industry.

A typical day for Hans-Peter begins with a cup of coffee and a meticulous review of the planned shipments for the day. With an eye on the global weather forecast, he maps out the most efficient routes while ensuring contingency plans are in place for any unexpected disruptions. “Every day is like solving a new puzzle,” he says. With shipments carrying lifesaving medicines, the stakes could not be higher. For each CGT shipment, Hans-Peter ensures that strict time and temperature requirements are met. CGTs need highly meticulous logistics planning, often needing to be stored and transported at temperatures as low as -196oC using liquid nitrogen (LN2). 

His extensive knowledge of logistics comes into play here as he chooses the right routes, packaging solutions, and monitoring devices. Hans-Peter spends much of his day communicating — coordinating with airlines, ground transport providers, customers, and his team members spread across multiple countries and time zones. Patience and clear communication are key in these interactions.

Yet even with all these preparations, there are always challenges around the corner. Take one incident where a storm disrupted a scheduled flight between Frankfurt and Milan. Hans-Peter and the team worked quickly to reroute the shipment by road, to ensure safe arrival of the shipment, proving that they were more than capable of weathering any storm.

“These types of incidents bring our commitment into sharp focus,” shares Hans-Peter. "It's not just about following standard procedures; it's about finding solutions when obstacles arise." In moments when things become challenging, Hans-Peter turns to his unique blend of experience, skills, and trusted colleagues for support.

“At World Courier we have an environment where anyone can ask for help if they need it, everyone is very supportive.”

So, what does it take to succeed in this field? According to Hans-Peter, it is about understanding processes, reacting quickly under pressure, showing patience, and having a sense of urgency when needed the most. But, most importantly? It is about teamwork "In this industry, misunderstanding can lead to costly mistakes," he emphasizes.

At World Courier, our team goes beyond the call of duty every day to ensure each journey meets its purpose — getting life-saving medicine to patients on time.


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