Article: What Are Direct-to-Patient Services?

By David Spillett

Learn what Direct-to-Patient logistics is and the benefits you could expect by using this service

Today’s innovative pharmaceutical products and therapies are changing the world of medicine and significantly improving outcomes for patients. Increasingly, however, these therapies require specialized handling and/or administering – adding strain to our already-fragile healthcare systems and complexity to the lives of the patients we seek to treat.

Whether patients are participating in a clinical trial or receiving an approved commercial therapy, the Direct-to-Patient and Home Trial Support (DtP/HTS) approach can offer invaluable support to those patients..

As a healthcare or clinical professional, what do you need know about this approach to patient care?

What are Direct-to-Patient logistics?

Direct-to-Patient (DtP) is an integrated supply chain system that enables patients to receive treatment in their own home or place of work – both clinical trial and licensed product applications can be supported. Services can include dispensing the therapeutic product, transporting it to the patient or even in-home storage in a temperature controlled manner. DtP also includes patient sample collection and unused drug/supply return, these services are often required in parallel and might be considered Direct-From-Patient (DfP) solutions.

How widespread are Direct-to-Patient logistics?

As DtP services move into the mainstream, they are being utilized in virtually every therapeutic area – not only for rare diseases and orphan drugs as in the past. Today DtP is a viable option for virtually any therapy that can safely be administered in the home setting and World Courier is seeing activity in areas ranging from cardiovascular, respiratory, oncology and infectious diseases to dermatology, immunology, nephrology and emergency treatments. World Courier has also seen the rise of DtP across continents, with over 40 countries currently active in using DtP services.   

Why consider Direct-to-Patient logistics?

DtP benefits

Energized by a deepening industry focus on patient-centricity, the DtP approach has evolved over the past decade with worldwide acceptance growing significantly in the last three years.

This model allows patients to access customized care, novel or established therapies without leaving the comfort of their own home, offering significant benefit for the patient and all associated parties. 

As healthcare moves towards a patient-centric approach and clinical trials expand in growing markets, the DtP model is becoming increasingly popular. To find out about DtP, its benefits and challenges please download our Direct-to-Patient Services e-book.

Direct-to-Patient services e-book

Learn how you can benefit from Direct-to-Patient services by downloading our e-book

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