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Webinar on-demand: Success Factors for Commercial Temperature Controlled Shipments

By World Courier


Webinar: Success Factors & Best Practices for Commercial Temperature Controlled Shipments


  • Stanley Soh, Regional Quality Assurance Manager, World Courier
  • Kathy Goh, Product Manager, Commercial Supply Chain, APAC, World Courier

For many who are new to temperature controlled shipments, it might seem like a daunting task to keep track of and manage so many touchpoints involved from pick-up to delivery that could affect the integrity of your product. This is amplified when commercial distribution comes into play, with high volumes being moved regularly.


This webinar will place an emphasis the critical successful factors in developing a GDP compliant Transportation Network. From understanding your responsibility as a contract giver, to discussing some of the critical factors that will successfully help you develop a compliant network.

World Courier will also share our insights on how to assess the packaging solutions currently available in the market with practical advice on what to consider to manage risks in your transportation network.


Critical Factors in Building a GDP Compliant Transport Network

Key roles

Tools to help you assess your Transport Network

Quality and Risk Management

Qualification of Vendors, Packaging and Shipping Lanes


Stanley Soh
Stanley Soh
Regional Senior Quality Manager, World Courier
Kathy Goh Profile
Kathy Goh
Product Manager, Commercial Supply Chain, APAC, World Courier