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Video: FreightWaves - Dedicated partnerships prove essential in evolving pharma field

By Arnold Bernard

Emerging decentralized clinical trials draw attention to supply chain

Scientists rely on clinical trials to test and prove nearly all medical innovations. New, groundbreaking drugs and therapies must go through these trials in order to make it onto the market and into the hands of the patients that need them most. Over the last few years, however, conducting clinical trials has gotten trickier. 

“It is critical to partner with a logistics company that is not just efficient in logistics but equally, if not more, adept at quality management,”
Arnold Bernard, Specialty Group Senior Manager, said. “It doesn’t matter if a product arrives on schedule if the integrity of the product is compromised.”

In an interview with FreightWaves, Arnold Bernard shares insights about decentralized trials and how they are drawing attention to supply chain.

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Arnold Bernard
Senior Manager, Specialty Group, USA
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