Video: Out of This World

By World Courier

Global logistics will always be challenging..and sometimes, even out of this world... 

Animation Transcription:

Global logistics are always challenging … and sometimes, even out of this world.

Word Courier experienced this first-hand when a client asked us to move a temperature-sensitive, high-tech device with an immovable deadline of less than 48 hours.

Our team in Germany prepped packaging for the shipment even before the device arrived at the office, and within moments it was on its way for a secure trip to the United States.

But that wasn’t the device’s final destination. Once in Florida, it was loaded into a space shuttle and launched into orbit … with the crucial role of measuring cosmic radiation at the International Space Station.

Organizations around the globe trust World Courier to turn the near-impossible into the routine. We move the pieces that move your business. It’s the World Courier way.