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Case study: Ensuring a patient’s cell and gene therapy goes the distance with perfect last-mile logistics

By Andrea Zobel

Cancer can be a devastating diagnosis for a patient, with the disease and traditional treatments having a significant impact on their quality of life. Global diagnoses are on the rise; with 27.5 million new cases of cancer expected each year by 20401.

Across the world, innovators are working to introduce CGTs to fight cancers and other chronic, life-threatening conditions. Also known to the life science industry and regulators as advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs), these cutting-edge treatments are proving to enhance the quality and efficacy of cancer patient care and hopefully, even provide a cure for their condition.

In this case study, discover how Nagaraj*, a young man living near Bengaluru, India and fighting a rare cancer was able to receive a ground-breaking autologous T-cell-based immunotherapy developed in Malaysia thanks to the logistics expertise of World Courier.


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Andrea Zobel
Senior Director, Personalized Supply Chain
World Courier
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