Video: Logistics Leaders - Keep Up With Trends in Temperature Control

By Volker Kirchner

Volker Kirchner discusses what we are seeing - and what to watch out for 

Video Transcript:

The biggest trends that we see is that in terms of packaging solutions, 120-hours validation time for shipping systems is becoming the industry standard. Anything less is no longer really cutting it. And we also see that the old active container systems are no longer being able to handle this new requirement. So the future really belongs to passive shipping solutions, passive shipping solutions where the temperature of the coolant medium inside is the very same as the temperature that the product has to be shipped at. They offer the longest validation time. They offer the most ease of handling.

They really are the best solution in this changing environment. So trying to find the best passive container solution for the pharmaceutical industry's needs is the biggest priority right now. What the manufacturers of the packaging solutions need to work on is extending the period of time that their packages do hold the temperature inside.
In the recent past, we saw a move to more remote locations as the destinations for pharmaceutical shipments for vaccines. Years ago, most of the shipments were going within the industrialized nations inside of Europe or between Europe and North America.

As most clinical trials migrate to the emerging markets and to countries that still have patients that are untouched by clinical trials, it's become necessary to lengthen the transport time because reaching a remote location in India or in Turkey with a high-value pharmaceutical shipment simply involves more transport time because there's no local infrastructure in place to directly fly into or directly send a shipment to. So we need to bring the shipment to that final destination in some remote location with the same quality and the same precision that we would be using for sending it to Paris, or to Rome or to New York.

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