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Transporting Innovation

At World Courier, we move innovation forward. Whether designing and executing world-class medical logistics processes for the biopharmaceutical industry, or providing emergency logistical support for other key industries, we’ve built our reputation on half a century of proven medical courier reliability and flawless execution. 

COVID-19 Insights

Article: The Logistics of COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

The race for a COVID-19 vaccine is one of the most significant pharmaceutical endeavors in a generation. Extraordinary investment and collaboration combined with new technologies and methods could produce at least one successful vaccine within expedited timescales.
A man pushes a box on a cart down a wide aisle of storage lockers in a pharmaceutical storage depot.

Improving Global Medical Logistics

"Our first preference is always World Courier. We choose World Courier for their dedicated service and ability to provide better options to handle various critical shipments."


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