Building shared knowledge

Pharmaceutical shipments require special care and attention to successfully navigate the physical and regulatory worlds through which they must travel. Failure to comply with current regulatory and air handling requirements can result in fines, penalties and delays while jeopardizing the safety of staff members and service providers. Failure to properly prepare for the climatic changes that will occur during transit can result in unforeseen temperature excursions, product degradations, compromised research results and unwanted regulatory scrutiny.

Dangerous goods training

World Courier’s specialized one- or two-day Dangerous Goods (DG) Training Course is devoted exclusively to the shipping of pharmaceutical Class 6.2 (infectious substances) and Class 9 (dry ice) substances as identified under IATA’s current Dangerous Goods Regulations directive. It has been designed specifically for biopharmaceutical professionals involved in the transport of clinical trial patient specimens and other regulated biological materials.

Temperature control management awareness

World Courier’s one-day temperature control management awareness course combines temperature and packaging theory with practical experience in preparing temperature-controlled shipments for transport under a variety of climatic conditions. It also addresses the need for tight temperature controls in meeting international regulatory, manufacturing and safety standards.