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Video: Logistics Leaders - What is the Current State of Temperature-controlled Transport

By Nils Markmann

Explore trends in temperature-controlled transport
Video Transcript: 

We can see several trends at the moment. One of these trends is that the regulative bodies are getting more and more demanding. And for that reason there’s increasing need on professional temperature-controlled and transportation management. We see significant growth in both biological drug treatments as well as vaccines. Both products are considered as high-value with a short life span. Therefore it is key that external vendors provide state of the art temperature control solutions.

The main major and critical deficiencies are still related to improper control and managing of temperature viewing transport and storage. Due to WHO, as far as we know, 25% of all the vaccines reach the final destination kind of degraded.

There’s a new chapter in the GDP regulation focusing on distribution. In the past only the pharmaceutical industry was on the radar of the regulative bodies and the pharmaceutical was somehow in charge of validating and qualifying their partners. Now the authorities are aiming more and more for the suppliers and the vendors – the freight forwarders, the packaging suppliers, the airlines – anyone participating in the supply chain.

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