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Whitepaper: Identifying the Challenges in  Expanded Access Program Supply Chains

By Florencia Guggeri

Why the Demand for Investigational Drugs is Growing

Patients play an increasingly active role in determining the course of their medical care. When faced with life-threatening conditions, they may become aware of investigational drugs in development. This adds pressure on doctors and manufacturers to help provide unapproved treatments to patients. Fortunately, Expanded Access Programs (EAPs) offer a solution.

In our latest whitepaper you will learn and explore:

  • The data protection requirements and the current regulatory environment related to EAPs
  • The differences between Pre and Post Approval EAPs
  • The various challenges pharmaceutical companies face in light of the demand for new investigational drugs


Access the whitepaper now to better identify the challenges in the EAP Supply chain in relation to your organization.