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White Paper: Logistics by Design - a Framework for Advanced Therapy Developers

By World Courier

Ensuring patients receive your treatments - today. 

The Logistics by Design white paper uses a risk based framework that identifies areas within your supply chain that need to be addressed at the earliest possible moment. The aim is to help you build a logistics platform that can help meet the needs of your patients at clinical and commercial scale.

Download the white paper to learn how you can implement a new innovative model that minimizes risk and connects your therapies to your patients. 

A man opens a dry ice shipper.

logistics by design white paper

Download the white paper here


Ellison*, McCoy*, Bell, Frend, Ward (*Joint 1st Author), Logistics by Design – A framework for advanced therapy developers to create optimal Logistics Platforms, Cell and Gene Therapy Insights, Dec 2018, 1019 - 1039