Article: World Courier's Brexit Update

By World Courier |

How are World Courier preparing for Brexit? 

The UK is due to leave the European Union on Thursday 31st October 2019. Understandably, you will be considering the impact Brexit may have on your supply chains and have questions about World Courier’s approach.

World Courier has prepared for all potential Brexit outcomes and has made extensive preparations to ensure continuity of service during and post-Brexit, to manage supply chain risks in these challenging conditions.

With a worldwide presence and our European network of 51 offices across 27 European countries, the impact on our own operations and our ability to serve our customers is naturally hedged. However, we have recently expanded our in-house brokerage teams in the UK and across the EU to provide you with a detailed understanding of local customs and regulatory requirements. Our specialist teams will be trained on all new requirements relating to the EU-UK movements of goods, of which will also be incorporated into our “OK to send” document review process.

In light of the range of potential Brexit outcomes, we have increased investments in our Dublin facilities to serve customers moving their operations to Ireland. Likewise, our facilities in mainland Europe have sufficient capacity for those operations shifted from the UK. We are also devolving the World Courier Ground Europe fleet so that operations are based in both mainland Europe and the UK.

World Courier is the only major specialty logistics provider in the UK that has Authorised Economic Operator (AEOC) Customs Simplification status. This demonstrates that our role in the international supply chain is secure and that our customs procedures are efficient and meet EU Standards.

As the only logistics company with global GDP certification against three major GDP standards, (EU GDP, USP 1079 and WHO GDP), we guarantee to provide the same standard of distribution across the world.

While Brexit terms conclude, we will continue to adjust our risk mitigation approach and keep you updated where necessary.